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I am a freelance journalist and reporter. I’ve been in media coverage for over 17 years in the social field with a focus on health in Iran. 
I have also served for several years as a director of public relations in health-related organizations
Because of my personal interest, I participate in the media coverage and public relations affairs in art events.
I am currently working as a media planner and director in the “We Beyond Borders” Global Project.


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Education, Work Experience and Some Skills

I was born in Hamedan, Iran in 1981. I live in Tehran since my birthday. From childhood I was following news and media and I was interested in the field of journalism. Although my field of study in the university did not relate to the field of journalism, I was engaged in journalism and reporting to the Iranian media from a student period.After gaining the necessary experience in journalism, I entered the field of reporting, especially in the field of health in Iran. In addition, I have activities in the field of public relations management of health organizations and institutions. In the section below, you can see a summary of my activities and skills.


Education in Environmental Health at Qom University of Medical Sciences. The beginning of the journalism career for Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) in Qom province.


Continuing education at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health.I graduated from this university at the Bachelor of Environmental Health degree.

Focus on health reporting for ISNA.



  • Continued activity as a journalist, reporter and editor of health and social section at the headquarters of ISNA news agency.
  • Gain second place in the reporting section at the 2008 International Press Festival in Iran.



Media and Public Relations Specialist at Iran Medical Council (IRIMC).


Management of Public Relations of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research  at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


  • Appointment as an executive expert in the Medical Ethics Office of the Iranian Medical Council.

  • Executive Director and Public Relations Officer of the First International Meeting on Ethical Perspectives of Providing Healthcare Services for Afghan Immigrants and Refugees in IRAN.

  • Director of the Executive Secretariat of the 4th Annual Iranian Medical Ethics Congress.



Public Relations Manager of the International Charity Arts & Health Department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.





english Writing


internet skills


health systems understanding


media expertise

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Content Writing

Providing media content, promotions including reportage, performance reports and content of magazines and news sites.


PR Managing

Doing public relations affairs for events, conferences and organizations.

Media Covering

Media services for individuals and legal and personal characters.

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